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  • Avanti tutta!



    Avanti tutta! is a comprehensive Italian course for Years 7 and 8 beginners. It is designed to capture students’ imaginations and stimulate their ongoing interest in the language and culture.

    The course is made up of a wealth of materials coordinated in an ecosystem that comprises a textbook, an e-platform, an app, animated fumetti, games and videos featuring real-life teenagers Andrea and Valeria.

    The textbook introduces language, grammar, and cultural concepts in a carefully sequenced approach, while the e-platform provides a student centred, interactive resource that includes the whole textbook with audio and video components embedded for easy completion of activities online.

    The videos use the language learnt in the textbook, plus some new language that students will come to understand via subtitle help, video graphics, context and accompanying comprehension activities.

    Other features include: a separate app focused on voice recognition, original canzoni, poesie, filastrocche and 10 card and board games. The course allows for an inductive approach, posing questions about language as well as offering opportunities for cultural comparison. The book includes a key grammar summary, and a complete end-of-book vocabulary reference.

  • Tutto bene! Livello 1



    Book 1 is for beginners. In this level you will learn the survival language you need to get by in Italy. Learn to greet people and introduce yourself. Get to know someone by discussing where they’re from and exchanging contact details. Be able to describe yourself and others. Order food like an Italian and express your likes and dislikes. Arrange an outing or a dinner. Book a hotel room and make sure it has what you need at the right price.

    Tutto bene! Book 1 provides the perfect balance, enabling you to enjoy the language while developing an understanding of the grammar. It will give you a strong foundation and the confidence to further develop your Italian.

  • Tutto bene! Livello 2



    Book 2 is for learners who already have a basic knowledge of Italian or who have completed level 1. In this level you will extend your range of conversation topics. Arrange an outing, deal with transportation and timetables and find your way around an Italian city or town. Learn to talk in more detail about yourself and your extended family.

    If you’re interested in Italian food, this level is for you. You will learn the important language of recipes and cooking, enough to follow a class in Italian. Choose and buy ingredients at the market. Know the difference between gelato alla nocciola and gelato al lampone.

    Tutto bene! Book 2 provides strong consolidation, further developing your conversational and writing skills as well as your knowledge of grammar.

  • Tutto bene! Livello 3



    Book 3 is for learners who already have some knowledge of Italian or who have completed level 2. This level focuses on broadening the range of topics and the subtlety with which you can talk about them. In particular, you will be able to discuss past events and daily life.

    Enjoy honing your buying and negotiating skills. Shop for clothes. Describe styles, colours and sizes. Talk about recent outings, events and holidays. Tell stories. Discuss things you’ve done or you would like to do. Talk about your aspirations, feelings and emotions. Give your opinion, explain and defend your point of view.

    Tutto bene! Book 3 extends your listening and speaking skills while underpinning your learning with grammar presented in a clear, thoughtfully ordered way.

  • Tutto bene! Package



    The complete set of three beautifully designed books in a slipcase plus easy access to a 30 episode sitcom series, a web app and online resources.